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What is Agateware?

Some of our pottery is agateware.

This is a type of pottery where the clay itself is colored. Balls of wet clay are colored with stains and oxides.  Contrasting colors are pieced together and then thrown on the wheel. The result is a swirling, marbelized effect.The color is not painted on, it is in the clay body itself. Then a clear glaze is put over the top to make it durable and food safe.













Beautiful Bowls are handmade and unique

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Fun decor for your garden!


Pottery Garden is a ceramics studio located in Delmar, NY.


All pottery is handmade for you by our potter, Patricia Bax (Pb)

We create original, unique pottery for your home and garden. Each piece is wheel thrown, kiln fired once, glazed, and kiln fired a second time to create durable, food safe items for your enjoyment.


Questions? Contact us at

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How to Purchase our Pottery:

*We are sorry, but at this time we do not ship. Free delivery within 5 miles of Delmar, NY. or pick up at our studio in Delmar, NY.

1. Fill out the order form below with your contact information, the item number and price of the piece(s).

2. Go to "Payment" page (see menu items at top) to complete purchase.



Pickup or delivery options:

Thank you for supporting Pottery Garden Ceramics! You will receive a confirmation email  shortly.

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